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Affiliate Marketing Tips

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Affiliate marketing tips and strategies, in this post we will not show you any secrets because there are no secrets in affiliate marketing. In the other hand there are a lot of marketing tips we can show, and mistakes we want you to know and avoid.



The biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing, newbie are making.


And it is always the same mistakes.


To make it clear for you to understand it I am using one of the best opportunities on the net witch is Plug In Profit Site


First: to eliminate the claim "It is the opportunity" that prevent me fro success.

Second: It is the easiest to attract the prospect and makes them join.

The last one is that this opportunity also give wonderful training.


But still their affiliate keep making the same mistakes.


You sure visited some affiliate programs WebPages and you sure noticed the phrases they use to make visitors join their affiliate programs.

They all say "You only need to join and place a link to us and make a lot of money"

So you only need to promote their website by the affiliate link. Or you only need to drive traffic to your website and maybe some of your visitors will click on the affiliate link and visit their website. Basically the word only mean "to do all the marketing". And they will do the rest and I have no Idea what does the word rest mean.


Marketing is THE most difficult, most costly and most time-consuming activity to do! That is way you get paid. And I hope you are getting good commission.


Being an affiliate with any kind of program or work from home opportunity, mean that your job is the advertising. And I can tell you that advertising is not only driving traffic to the company's website it is almost 90% of the selling. When you have put the visitor to read your ad copy and you have succeeded in the PREselling process that makes her click on the link you have accomplished the hard part of selling, the company's  website need only to close the deal.

Do not misunderstand me, it is fair and it is the only way it could be done. Many starts up network marketing companies fail and lose millions of dollars trying.

No matter what kind of home business opportunity or affiliate program you belong to. To make money with it you need to effectively marketing this program.

And here comes the first mistake, and the biggest.


You learn marketing from the program it self.!!!!


Most of the work from home and affiliate programs has its own how to market section in the affiliate member's area. And most members and affiliates are marketing this program the same way, using the same ads, the same banners, the same e-mails and articles.

Plug In Profit Site (PIPS) opportunity has it's own 30 days training course made by the founder of this program Ston Evans, I am one of the PIPS members and I have went through the whole 30 days process, and here what I have found. (except of the promotions made by Ston)


 All the PIPS members could be found in the same forum "the warrior forum" and they are using the same signatures. It is great to be in such a forum to learn and benefit of the experience of others. But it is very bad to advertise there or trying to get traffic from this forum.

What is the meaning of competition in the home business opportunities; it is not some one who promote other work at home opportunity, it is the one who promote the same work at home opportunity. And the warrior forum is good place for PIPSers to steal from each others ideas and tricks.


 Stone is using the Traffic Swarm as one of his 6 income programs, Traffic Swarm cannot be an income opportunity it is a traffic exchange and can really get you some great amount of traffic to your website. But when all the PIPS members are using the same traffic exchange program "there is something we call ad saturation" the other traffic swarm members will see the same ad again and again, the new PIPS members has little if any chance to get any results out of Traffic Swarm. Personally I have promoted MarketHealth and MoreNiche programs and my money online Profitmatic website with traffic swarm with pretty good success especially in the last one. In the other hand I had promoted the PIPS program in some another traffic exchange program like HitMagik. There the PIPS ad is doing will.


I highly recommend Traffic Swarm, and also recommend to upgrade your membership with them so you get higher volume of traffic from them. With Traffic Swarm you can increase your Alexa Ranking and it will also increase your PR. But try to have some unique ad with deferent program and products.


with any traffic exchange program try to find out who are the majority of it's members and how can you benefit from them, remember those members are already affiliates or network marketing distributors and if any one joined your network marketing program or affiliate program it will be a huge success for you.


I generate new prospects each month and I refer all of them to Traffic Swarm, they are new to work at home opportunities, but already showed interest and willing to do it, think about how you can laterally steal my prospects and convert them to your work at home opportunity. You need to upgrade your membership with Traffic Swarm because you are playing with professionals there, and to benefit you need to be professional as well.


Every 10  seconds someone joins affiliate program or work from home opportunity, and most of them never herd of traffic exchange before joining. We use traffic exchange to whom already joined a home business opportunity and try to make her join our opportunity. So if all PIPSers are using Traffic Swarm try to offer them some thing deferent than PIPS but can work great with it. And try to find other programs to promote the PIPS program.


 Almost all PIPSers are using the same Ad Sense ads. Ad wards crawler can detect your website keywords and will put related Ad Sense ads into your website. I have personally experienced this huge mistake (PIPS ads in my own website and Forex ads). Because I am promoting affiliate programs and work at home opportunities in my website the same keywords for those programs are making Google to place ads for the same programs. I do not want my visitors to click on these ads "it is my competitor's ads". Unless you have a directory website (books directory, article directory, websites directory) or any other resources only website, I will strongly suggest reconsidering using Ad Sense in your website. One simple question: Do you want your visitors to stay on your site as long as possible and read your content and click on your links, or want them to click on some $0.05 ad?????


If you want to put Pay Per Click ads on your website and generate some fast profits out of it try to find some alternative Pay Per Click network that you have more control of the ads displayed in your website, a network such as BidVertizers (click the button below) can be better and profitable.



 PPC; Google Ad wards, it is waste of your time. I cannot understand people promoting free to join (or even pay to join) opportunities with PPC. Once PPC was amazing especially in the early days before clicks started costing fifty cents to fifty dollars per click! Now it is waste of money, effort and time. Guys like Stone can recommend it and use it, because they can afford spending thousands of dollars on it. YOU CANNOT, Not any more. Unless you want to promote some product (yours or your affiliate programs) directly and earn some money from direct selling please do not use PPC. PPC advertizing is a money making, I know that, but there are much more to it than putting an add and place you bid, it's a marketing strategy that cost a lot of money and you need to learn every thing about it. If you want to use it any way try to conceder buying this PPC Video Course Commission Blueprint


E-mail marketing and follow ups; I have about 103 members in my PIPS list  and they are receiving the same e-mails Ston wrote, It is easier to upload a pre written e-mails to your auto responder than writing e-mails each week. And here is one thing I have noticed, when I podcast an email to this 103 subscribers and try to wrote some attractive subject I always receive a reply from some of them. Which mean that personal e-mails can be more effective. Another issue is that I am receiving the same e-mails Ston wrote from three other PIPS members with out knowing how. So think about your subscribers they could be also receiving the same e-mails from more than one PIPS members. Try once a while to break the auto responder, and it will be a good Idea to let your subscribers know that those e-mails are from you personally and the others are auto responders.  


Coop advertising; This is "in my opinion" the best effective advertising you can have BUT only if you use it smart. Here are some facts:

There are a lead generation programs that sell leads for a small fee. These leads worth nothing at all. You know the programs that pay you to read emails or pay you to join. These are the same programs in deferent name and website. They pay people to join some programs, they pay about $0.01-$0.5, and they selling those information as leads with cost $0.5-$5 per lead. those people are not interested in work at home opportunity they even register with some deferent e-mail address that they never check; they only want to make 1 or 2 dollars a day.


Where is the problem?


Some co ops are buying leads from these kind of programs, I know for example that SFI Co ops used to by some leads from one company.

The second issue with co op is when you use your affiliate program or home business opportunity coop. remember Your REAL competition is other people promoting YOUR home-based business opportunity!


There is a small percent of people interested in your business opportunity, and when you join your own competitors to attract this percent your chances are very small. An example:

Let us say your PIPS program has a Coop and they publish advertisement in X ezine this ezin has 10000 new readers each month (we are looking for new people) and %10 of these readers are interested in work from home opportunity, that means 1000 people; %10 of them will be interested in your PIPS opportunity 100. (I am very optimistic). That mean this ezine can provide 100 PIPS prospects each month, but when there are 100 PIPS members with this coop each one will have 1 subscriber each month. When there are more PIPSers in the coop???

The best effective way to use Coop is to look for some thing unique, or even partner with some other marketers in deferent opportunities. 

here is a solution (I hate to pointed out because of the competition, but most of those who will read this report are our affiliate so we want them to succeed) Rachel Long is one of the best (if not the best) network marketers online, she have millions of subscribers and she generate thousands of paid members in her network marketing programs. she know how to generate leads. she recently launched her unique lead generation program, it's very new and that fact a lone make it so powerful and unique opportunity.


It's called The Cash Expand lead generation, it can easily bring you 10s of new paid members (we call them premium members) to your PIPS or any other network program. Use it as long as it remain efficient. and when you find that it stopped to work for your program change it an look for other new and effective one, or you can change the opportunity you are promoting and generate more lead to another network marketing program. we think that this lead generation system will work just fin for at least 5 years if Rachel keep it open and kept generating prospects the way she is doing now.


So what is the solution?

  • Try to be deferent; try to be unique and sty informed. You need to know what's new in internet marketing and how to use it.

  • Join more than one opportunity, and establish a good relation with some members.

  • One thing will never change; personal (I call it human) e-mail marketing. Capture your leads in a way that makes you money itself and after that promote your other business opportunity to your leads. This way you will get good active prospects and earn money from the Process and after that they are your prospects, your trusted list members that you can personally e-mail and ask them to join your other programs. When you put all your efforts on marketing one program the right way and make money through this process you have mastered the heavy hitter's way to make money on the net.


If you decide to join Coop or any marketing campaign, which will cost you money I strongly recommend that you promote one good program that directly paying you money from any prospect you bring to the program.


ProfitMatic is a pay to join program, with great compensation plan, every prospect I refer to this program is an active very serious affiliate. The program offers great tools for it's members to build and market their business so the program give you the value "and more" of the money you pay to join "You have 7 days free trail to see and research the program".

After having your own "top serious" members in your list you can promote any other program you like to them.


Try it and see the power of this approach


Want to learn more about marketing?
Read this report about home business marketing.
And the Organic search engine optimization report

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We in the niche affiliate team are very thankful to Rachel and her amazing lead packages she supply us with.

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